About Pressure Welding Australia


Pressure Welding Australia was founded in 1999 and has participated in the most stringent of boiler outages across Australia, New Zealand, New Ginni and parts of the Middle East. Oil refineries and sugar mills have also been a specialty of Pressure Welding Australia. We carry out specialised boiler, economizer and super heater power station shutdowns and outages in the most remote locations.

Our first outage was in 1999 at Vales Point power station on the central coast of NSW in conjunction with Lake Engineering. Oil refineries are a specialised unique division within Pressure Welding Australia, our first refinery shutdown was at the Kurnell Caltex plant in 2000 and consisted of a reline of the main steam pipe line to support craker No.2, as well as performing maintenance. This outage shutdown was undertaken in alliance with Transfield Services and it gives us great pleasure and pride to announce that to-date, we successfully completed more than thirty major power station shutdowns across Australia and the south East.

We may specialise in power stations and oil refineries, but Pressure Welding Australia also play a major role in piping and food processing systems such as sanitary services and product lines.

Pressure Welding Australia has jointly undertaken one of the largest Tank Farm Piping Project in the Southern Hemisphere which took place at the Casella Winery in Grafton NSW. The project budget was in excess of sixteen million dollars and consisted of a very sophisticated newmaticlly operated key station piping system. Over two thousand austanetic 3″ stainless steel butt welds were carried out, full purge and inspected by fiber optic cameras.

At Pressure Welding Australia, we strive to achieve the highest standards and we take great pride in our work. Our reputation is paramount; this is why we take great care with every project and perform the most stringent welding inspections in the industry. We treat welding as a science and welding inspections as a fine art. Our welding and operational processes are world class and we continually participate in industry expos to stay abreast of the latest technologies and materials.


You will find Pressure Welding Australia to be much more than your standard service provider.  We offer you many years of experience and expertise — to provide an integrated and comprehensive service that meets all your requirements and adds value to your projects.  Working with Pressure Welding Australia as your primary shutdown/construction company can simplify your next project.

Let Pressure Welding Australia’s experts guide you and avoid common industrial specification errors.  Our dedicated team will meet and exceed all your needs from project conception to installation and start-up.  We will solve your problems with timely quotes, consulting services, precision engineering, efficient design and professional installation to meet your project’s most stringent specifications.

If you have experienced the frustrations of dealing with multiple suppliers, and installers, you will appreciate the difference working with Pressure Welding Australia will make.  We are uniquely skilled and remain the most competent and experienced company for demanding projects.


Our customer base is comprised of governmental agencies, major oil and gas operators, port authorities, major international contractors, water and electrical departments, municipalities and private businesses. Our professional staff have years of experience in design, engineering, project management and fabrication of customised solutions.

Because our experience and expertise spans such a wide range, we can provide everything you will need, from assistance defining the scope of your initial concept, through fabrication, shipment, installation to the final start-up stage.


Petroleum and Petrochemicals, Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Mining and Metallurgical Pulp and Paper, Industrial Waste  Water, Port Facilities, Fuel Terminals and more.

Petroleum and Natural Gas Exploration and Production, Electric Power Generation, Coal, Oil and Gas Fired, Nuclear, BioFuels, Geothermal, Alternate Energy Systems, Bulk Storage, Liquid Fuel Terminals and more.

Agriculture, Fertilizer, Foods Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Water Treatment and Purification, Waste Water Treating  and Storage, Resource Recovery, Materials Recycling and more.