Super HeaterAllfab

Client: ALLFAB Constructions
Project: Super Heater Refurbishment
Location: Redbank Power Station, NSW Australia

In 2010, Pressure Welding Australia signed the contract to complete a partial over-haul on Boiler No.1 including the removal and replacement of the super heater wall tube elements using chrome molly 3″ shed 120 pipe, Welding with GTAW 1.25 chrome B2 filler wire. Following this Project, Pressure Welding Australia has become the preferred service provider for power station outage repairs and maintenance.

  • Welding AS3992 compliant
  • Welding personnel compliant with AS1796
  • Pressure Equipment Manufacture AS4458
  • Boiler and Pressure Vessels AS1210, AS1228
  • Examination and Testing AS4037
  • Fabrication of Steel Structures AS4041


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